The Right People At Fuxin Are Those Have The Right Mid-set, Who Are Daring And Fun, Who Are Persevere And Resilient In Perusing Our Passion


The right people at FUXIN are those who share the same core value “Hard Work, Integrity and Innovation”, who have the right mindset, who is daring and fun, who is persevere and resilient in perusing our passion, and who love the company like their own and put the company’s interests above all.

In the next two and three years, we will be very focused on our activities. We will continue to actively look for the right people to join our team and heavily invest in the development of our people laying a solid foundation and build momentum to exponentially grow for the next 20 years and beyond. 

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at University of New South Wales and a Master in Construction Management at University of Southern California, Sen returned to Cambodia in 2011 with the passion to help transform construction industry for safer working environment through the use of prefabrication. He joined ISI GROUP where he co-founded FUXIN and Mekong Homes. At FUXIN, he focuses on promoting modular and precast construction and he is very dedicated to building a team of young professionals. His passion for coffee and football has led him to co-founded BROWN Coffee and KMH Football Tournaments respectively.


CEO & Co-Founder

Sovanara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. He is a FUXIN’s homegrown talent who joined the company after his study. He joined FUXIN in 2012 after graduation, since then he has been rotating and working in many positions across the company gaining in-depth knowledge of the company processes. From an intern to draft-man, production supervisor to plant manager, Sovanara now serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing an important process from Engineering, Production, to Project Management. At 29 years old, Sovanara is already very committed to training up young people and inspiring his team to thrive to their best.

Sovanara IM

Chief Operating Officer

From Cambodia’s countryside to the country capital to one of the world’s largest city Los Angeles, Ms. Ing’s education has transformed her life. Ing graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Art at Marymount College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at California State University Long Beach. During her study, she worked at a busy doughnut shop where has had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of people every day. This was where she developed the art of understanding and managing people. At Fuxin, Ing is responsible for various functions of Finance and Accounting. She has worked alongside the Founders in building People-Focused Culture and promoting Unity and Harmony in the company. Her belief in bringing out the best in people has enabled her to build a team that can tackle the challenges at FUXIN.

Pav Ing CHAO

Finance Director