Light Gauge Steel Building System

Our goals have been developing practical solutions that streamline steel structure design and build process, improving manufacturing productivity, and providing more superior quality building.

1. Description

Design Options provide various choices of architectural and structural design to our customer in short time frame.

2. Software

The entire frame is then designed and detailed using licensed software. The completed file, then ready for production, is sent electronically to the manufacturing equipment.

3. Manufacturing

FUXIN technologically advanced manufacturing then creates each component of building frame individually, labeling them according their location in the frame for error free assembly, quickly and efficiency.

4. On Site Erection

On site, the building can be assembled using common tools and local labor. FUXIN can provide all the products, support services, and technical expertise, in order to complete the project.

Affordable Accommodation

Light Gauge Steel framing is a suitable solution for project that looks for speed, flexibility and lightweight. The design allows the construction of up to 3 stories building without the need for deep foundation. For large scale project, the building technology become the best candidate due to its parallel construction both onsite and offsite.

Retail and Commercial Building

For Retail and Commercial Project, time is always the most predominant factor in return analysis. The building technology can reduce up to 30% construction time and therefore increase productivity and profitability for project owner.

Roof Solution

Light gauge steel frame is the ideal solution for residential villa’s roof system that are complex in nature. The truss systems are assembled in the factory to the exact dimension and shape of the roof, and then erected on site. cement roof tile or Insulated metal panel is used to cover the structure.

Multi-Storey Steel Building

The technology can be designed and used in buildings as envelop and partitioning system. The prefabricated panels allow flexible options for openings, insulation, glazing, and cladding. When combined with steel structure, the building solution becomes superior in term of time, cost, and quality.