Main Frame Types

FUXIN Steel Buildings are designed to optimise the solution for each client. Followings are the range of dimensions for each type of frame that are most commonly used. We can also manufacture frames outside of this range on special case.

Main frames are made from built-up welded section using high strength steel plate and hot roll member. The bases of the frame that connect to the concrete foundation is general pinned with anchor bolt, there are circumstances that may use fixed connection too.


Protection and Surface Treatment

The primary framing components are coated with our specially formulated protective self-priming coating. Special colors are also available upon client’s request. We also shot blast the members to a specific standard required by the client.


Secondary Members

Secondary framings support the roof and wall sheeting and transfer loads to the primary framing. These members include: Roof Purlins, Wall Girts, and Framing of Openings.

Purlins and girts are Z/C sections using high strength galvanized steel. Our roll forming machines are specialized in punching various holes for overlappings, flange braces and connections to main frame with high accuracy.


Roof and Wall Panels

Fuxin Roofs and Walls are carefully selected and designed for long-term performance and ensure water tightness. Fuxin Roofs and Walls are easy to install, offering attractive and economical solution. We have a range of profiles to meet your specific requirement.


Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanine Systems have great flexibility in the design and construction that suit requirements of modern stocking and storage techniques. The systems can be designed to maximize the efficiency of machinery layouts and production flows.

The systems consists of an in-situ concrete solution with the cast on metal decking, which can be laid continuously, allowing design optimisation of sections to reduce weight and cost. The advantages include:

  • Maximum flexibility for positioning and size of openings
  • Main beam spans up to 9m
  • Joist beam spacing is usually 2.5m


Crane Systems

Cranes are the major requirement for many of the industrial buildings. Our building systems can incorporate the design of crane systems as one to optimize the solution. Our building systems can support various crane type including: Overhead Crane, Gantry, Cantilever Crane. Fuxin works very closely with world leading crane supplier-MHE Demag to provide our customer a one-stop shop for crane solution.


Fascia, roof extension, and canopy are designed and detailed together with the main building to ensure excellent connections and finishes. We have many ranges of fascia, roof extension and canopy to meet your specific architectural requirement. If your building is architecturally challenging and one that requires high technical expertise, we are very keen to take on the task.


Polyurethanes are popular in insulation solution for its flexible, high-resilience foam seating, and rigid foam. We offer Polyurethanes in the form of sandwich panel with metal sheet both sides, or metal sheet on the top and aluminium sheet on the bottom. These sandwich panels can be used for both roof and wall.

Air Bubble Insulation is an effective blocking material to stop the heat penetration from outer environment. The thermal insulation concept of heat transfer is that the hot sun rays are bounce from the surface of aluminum foil and stops hitting the inner environment.


The buildings system is only as good as its accessories. We offer doors, windows, and louvers athat in-suit in the building. Together with the carefully designed and tested flashing, trimming and gutter profile, we ensure the buildings and the accessories look pleasant and functional.

  • Sliding Door
  • Roller Door
  • Windows & Door
  • Louvers


Sundry Items

The high strength bolts, nuts, screw and cable that are used in our building system are high quantity. Because they are so important in completing a good building system, we choose only high standard products that guarantee both strength and atheistic.

  • Hexagon Bolt
  • Anchor Bolt and Bracing System
  • High Strength Bolt
  • Fixing and Screw